Adirondack model 232 bat dating

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Upgrading this treatment plant or replacing it by connecting Blodgetts Landing to the treatment plant in Sunapee is recommended.Macroinvertebrate collections from two sites at the lower reaches of Blodgett Brook indicate that this stream has a slight to moderate degree of organic pollution.The paths I have taken through my own neighborhood often corresponded to those once travelled by Mr.Judd, and I was fascinated to discover what he knew, and how it might compare to my present understanding of home.

Miller, Lauren, 2007Abstract: In Massachusetts agricultural land offers valuable habitat to many grassland species, a guild that has declined within the last 100 years, mostly as a result of land-use change.

Fields were surveyed every two weeks in the summer of 2006 for a total of 8 survey periods.

Butterfly behavior and nectaring observations were also made.

A total of 27 species and 1517 individual butterflies were observed during the one-year study.

Using Shannon and Simpson's diversity indices, grassland bird managed fields (delayed mow and unmown) supported a more diverse butterfly assemblage than the hay production fields.

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In order to assist in the development of a standard methodology, the techniques used in an SAV study on the lower Connecticut River are described.

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