Are benji madden and eliza doolittle still dating

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The heart-rending cry of “Sometimes it lasts in love / but sometimes it hurts instead” followed the collapse of Adele’s first serious love. “I guess I was separating the boys from the men, really,” she said.“I met a really good man and suddenly I realized that I’d been seeing boys for a while.The couple, who were set up by Madden's sister-in-law Nicole Richie, have been holidaying together in Italy and the South of France.Diaz, wearing a white shirt and white skinny jeans, was spotted hugging the super-yacht's staff and crew, and the happy twosome were later photographed holding hands as they departed in a speedboat., which also stars Jason Segel.That was a very enlightening experience.”She refuses to divulge the name of the man who truly stole her heart, but Madden was one of the boys, she says.On the song “Checkmate” she is in combative mood, singing: “You’re just a little boy in a big girl’s land / Playing at being king, I take my kingdom back.”While adopting that playfully confrontational approach, she probably steps closer to Swift, whose celebrity boyfriend-revenge song cycle has become a national obsession.On the title track, “In Your Hands,” however, Doolittle is following firmly in the footsteps of fellow Londoners Winehouse and Adele.

“As much as I loved my last album, and it was fun, I hadn’t really experienced much of anything,” she said.

I get it—the guy is rich & has a great network in the music business across the pond, but Benji’s manwhoring resume still lists people like Paris Hilton & Sophie Monk.

Why would anybody want such a well-traveled (possibly ailing) penis between their legs?

“It’s always inspirational to see British artists doing well, but I honestly don’t overthink it.

When I’m in the studio, I just let it out,” Doolittle said.

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Exclusive: She’s normally dolled up like a 13 year-old teenager but happy-go-lucky Eliza Doolittle insists she has a secret ‘dark side’.