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Leopard: Leopard discussions seek to explore all sides of a topic, including the personal viewpoints of the participants, and argue the relative merits of those sides.This mode can often allow for a high degree of confrontation and may well be uncomfortable to those not used to intense academic discussion. We combine great speakers, fine refreshments, good company and summer breezes. In June, the upcoming schedule of speakers will be available on the web site and in the bulletin. The Young Adult Ministry office of the Archdiocese offers a number of events.The following guidelines are for any discussions that happen at [email protected] events or in forums maintained or moderated by [email protected] Refrain from language that seeks to dismiss or demean through association with a negative stereotype. No ‘Other’-ing language: Avoid language that implies or establishes an “Us vs. When a moderator thinks that a person has broken one of these rules, that moderator will directly ask if that was the intent of the statement.The purpose of these guidelines is to maximize feelings of inclusiveness and minimize unintentional discrimination. If the person then chooses to harass or threaten others, they will be asked to leave. Sometimes, what we intend to say is not what other people hear.

Its members are: President – Michael Eardley Spiritual Pillar – Tom Kelly Service Pillar – Monica Herron Intellectual Pillar – Jenna Spaeth Social Pillar – Elizabeth Argue and Tricia Gorenc Discipleship – Stephanie Mc Shane Communications – Liz Meenan Secretary – Beth Conley You can reach them here. There is also a monthly newsletter, featuring the latest activities.

About Us The Young Adult Ministry is coordinated by a Board.

Our signature summer event takes place every Wednesday in July. Busted Halo, an outreach of the Paulists, is an online resource aimed at young adults.

The topic under discussion in each group will be made clear to those joining that group so that people may avoid topics with which they are likely to be uncomfortable.

Panda: The focus of panda discussions is the sharing of viewpoint, emotion, and experience. This is intended to be a low-confrontation mode of interaction.

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People more comfortable with academic style discourse may find this mode frustrating.

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