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(He would reflect later on that at the time he had never realised how important "boring" could be.) George is Jewish and wears a Star of David pendant.

The pendant is able to hold back one or two vampires, but in greater numbers it becomes less effective; Mitchell is apparently immune to it due to the personal connection between him and George.

His denial ends after the last episode of the first season, when he takes responsibility for his actions as a wolf after accidentally scratching Nina during a transformation whilst trying to protect her from the vampire Herrick.

Matters become even worse when he accompanies Sam Danson, his new girlfriend, to her daughter Molly's Parents' Evening, only to nearly transform at the school because he is unaware that the clocks had gone back; although he manages to maintain control of himself long enough to get back to the flat and be locked in his cage by Annie.

However, despite George's belief that he or Nina would kill the other if they transformed next to each other, the two of them apparently have sex while in wolf form.

When Nina discovers the permanently teenage vampire Adam as his elderly father was admitted to the hospital shortly before his death, she and George briefly contemplate taking over responsibility for Adam after his parents' deaths–George speculating that they pretend that Adam was his brother until he and Nina were old enough for them to introduce him as their son–but Adam departs to make his own way, wanting to explore his own independence without being a burden on them like he was on his parents.

Less socially adept than Mitchell, he is considerably more intellectual, possessing an IQ of 156 and being able to speak French, German, Italian, Spanish and Croatian.

George grew up in an average suburban household with what he considered to be a very straightforward family, including a father who possessed none of the handicaps or problems such as alcoholism or gambling which George saw in other peoples' fathers.

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He was about to go out for a walk when an American tourist, not knowing his way around, invited himself along after George reluctantly let him.