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Furthermore, this module implements 2 blocks: Safely sending data over the internet will be standard in the near future.

Search engines like Google will probably better evaluate protected websites.

Bugtracking is therefore also more difficult and ‘Pareviewing’ of the code is not taken into account.

This module is not recommended when you are working in a team of developers on a Drupal System.

This module solves this problem by displaying the hierarchy in various drop down boxes so you can find the right term more quickly.

Simple hierarchical select Provides a field (Drupal Field) where you can define certain logics (via PHP) such as calculations on users/node data or values from other imported fields.

But you can always select just one region (position) on the page (f.e. This module allows you to determine per node in which region the block should be placed.

Also see this blog by Deeson Node level blocks If you have a lot of vocabularies and terms that are hierarchically (nested) structured then it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right one when adding content.

Override Node Options Commenting platform that can be integrated on every website and with lots of added value compared to the default Drupal response system, read here more why.

The Drupal Grants system is respected, something that all other ‘image managers’ are lacking; that’s why we decided to ‘scratch our own itch.

Open Lucius inline images Social icons are omnipresent on webpages.

This module facilitates sending and receiving encrypted data via https. It also forces safely sending cookies to prevent session hijacking.

Secure Login If you want to be informed about changes in an article or the posted comments, then this module can help.

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