Not intimidating quotes

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Not intimidating quotes

Elon is incredibly difficult to work for, but it's mostly because he's so passionate. It seems like people can get afraid of him and paralyzed in a weird way.An anonymous former Tesla employee also described his experience working with Musk to Vance, saying workers were "tossed to the curb like a piece of litter:" Elon's worst trait by far, in my opinion, is a complete lack of loyalty or human connection.

"But they must never put their own drive for personal success ahead of overall mission success for the greater team." This means that when something does not go according to plan, leaders must set aside their egos and take ownership of the failure before moving forward.

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"But a leader must never grow so close to subordinates that one member of the team becomes more important than another, or more important than the mission itself." "Leaders must never get so close that the team forgets who is in charge." "Extreme Ownership" is the fundamental concept of Willink and Babin's leadership philosophy.

It means that for any team or organization, "all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader," Willink writes.

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