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We both went for it, but somehow we tried to roll opposite ways, and his rolling managed to send me flying completely off the bed, caught air and everything.There was about a three-second silence before we both just broke down laughing."—Reddit user catatronic"A few years ago I was having sex with my then-girlfriend. I felt like I had won a carnival game."—Reddit user Makapepa76"My girlfriend lives in Brooklyn but was raised in New Jersey. Just about every experiment we've had together has been hilariously awkward."—Reddit user Frozen-scumbag"I lost my virginity to a guy who wasn't circumcised. A couple minutes in, he thrusted a little hard, and it forced his foreskin back, ripping it from the base of the head back. And now, five years later, he's still putting up with my crude and uncouth behaviors."—Reddit user Bubbo"My boyfriend and I were having sex, and he was on top of me. Somehow, the suction between our stomachs created this loud, embarrassing farting sound."We've been together almost three years, so we just had a really good laugh and went back to the sex."—Reddit user beesknees19"I had just had some truly awesome sex with my high school boyfriend (after high school, summer after my freshman year of college) in his basement.As I stroked her breast, slowly sucked and pulled into her mouth.'I usually sleep with my mom thrice a week. I wanted to be really gentle coz this is her 1st time ever. She responded positively, began to return kisses with eager. bomb in that undies, When Shiva came to our room, we were sitting there like we were afraid ,and nothing happens there.Then Shiva said 'everybody can go, his mother gave...

Knowing how candid people tend to get on Reddit, we visited the site to find out what real people cite as their funniest sex stories. From spontaneous bodily sounds to unexpected fluids to a couple of way-too-friendly pets, these stories put our own sexual crack-ups to shame."One time during sex, my S. and I tried to do the 'roll over while still boning' thing to switch positions from girl on top to missionary.

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She was around 39 yrs old when this happened and very gorgeous. Ok, so first when I was about the age of 19 an afternoon spending at my nans was the kinda you know where every family member comes over you eat, talk, leave well when my aunty showed up she came in...

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