Stephen beard dating

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Stephen beard dating

She married twice more before meeting Steven Beard while she was a waitress at the Austin Country Club.Beard, a retired Fox Broadcasting Company executive and self-made multi-millionaire more than twice her age, was a widower whose wife had died of cancer.Based on Tarlton's statement, Johnson was arrested on March 28, 2002.

Local police tied the shooting to Johnson's friend, Tracey Tarlton.She is Texas Department of Criminal Justice offender #01157250.After their divorce, Celeste Johnson lost custody of her daughters.The women had met in Saint David’s Pavilion, a mental-health facility, after Johnson threatened to commit suicide when she and Beard began fighting over her lavish spending.Tarlton, arrested at home six days after the shooting, was charged with assault.

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It helps, if she was ugly, I wouldn't really enjoy my time here.'And she's good at kissing…

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