Tucker goes three minute dating

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Tucker goes three minute dating

Zoe Hart had to be called to remove George's bloody hand from Lynly's spandex dress and all Lynly could ask was if blood could be removed from spandex.

Lavon later asked George to help Lynly study for the LSAT, unaware that they had even met, and George reluctantly agreed.

Tansy is not able to react fast enough (who can blame her) and shaves a huge chunk of George's hair off.

When he is yelling at Wade for what he did, he says that he caused Tansy to give him the worst haircut in history, which other people hear, causing Tansy to turn to him angrily and say, "Thanks George, you really are a walking advertisment," and stomp off.

A storm ruined the wedding, which had to be moved to the old firehouse.

Tansy has always been a sweetheart, but she can be kind of a pushover, and lets guys treat her like dirt.

George is George, and Tansy is finally being treated how she deserves.

Later, George would admit to Wade Kinsella that there might be a spark between he and Zoe, but that he and Lemon were going to be married, and nothing would stop that, realizing that he may have led Zoe on more than he had intended.

After Zoe realized that she was being led on by an engaged man, she told George she wouldn't be able to help him with his malpractice case (Hairdos & Holidays).

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For Christmas, Tansy gets George a pear cozy, because she knows he loves pears, and this way he can take them to work in the cozy so they won't get bruised. He gets her some sort of jewlery with Dolly Parton's name on it, I think.

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